Telling the Difference Between Chicago and Turabian Formats

Would you like not to confuse these two styles of writing?
If you want to find out what the Chicago and Turabian formats are and their main differences, this post is perfect for you.
Many students are unaware of how to use these two formats in their research papers or essays. But I’ll provide a thorough explanation of how you can tell the difference between these two styles or formats.
But first, what are the Chicago and Turabian formats?
The Chicago format or style is mostly abbreviated or referred to as CMOS, it is the most popular and widely used style. Developed by the University of Chicago, this writing style is a standard format when writing essays, academic paper, or reports.
The Turabian format is related or is a version of the Chicago style, meaning it borrows most of its guidelines from Chicago format but also introduces or adds new guidelines. It got its name from its author or creator, Kate Turabian, from the University of Chicago.
The reason for these two styles or formats being confusing to students is the fact they are somehow similar and different. The same ways a student might be confused as to the best online writing service, so too are these formats.
One of the differences of these formats is that the Chicago style is mostly used by scholars and professional researchers who want their work to be published professionally. For example, a researcher or author is writing a book or report on the history of World War 1. All the references and research he will do are going to adhere to the Chicago format. When this book or report is published, everybody will be able to know whether he got such information.
The Turabian style was mostly meant for students and is mainly used in assignments. History papers mainly use this style, but other humanities papers like literature and philosophy might use this format. Therefore, you might say that the Turabian format is a simple form or scaled-down version of the Chicago guidelines and rules.
Another difference between these styles is the way its system for numbering notes is. This means that in Chicago style, parentheses are used in-text citation while the Turabian style uses a superscript in the text of the paper and in the footnotes (it's at the bottom of the page). For example, using Chicago style in a history paper on Alexander the Great was King of Macedonia (Kyle 2006, 47). This means that the author is Kyle, the date is 2006, and the page number is 47. In the Turabian style, it will be ¹Kyle, "Alexander the Great history." European history, no. 4 (June 2006): 47.
Therefore, there's a mild difference between these formats, and they are more similar than different. But these styles of writing are a must-know for any student as every essay requires your basic understanding here. You don't want to end up confused when writing your next essay, or you might outsource it to writing service, and you'll ask yourself these questions, is bestessays legit? Or is Canadian writings reliable? Therefore if a student gets some assignments or essays done by, knowing the difference between the two formats won’t be confusing anymore.