What Happened When Your Kids React

What Happened When Your Kids React


Kids are the future of our life; we never know what they learn from their parents or friends. We all know that kids are quick learner. They learn good thing as well as bad things from what they observe.


In this blog I want to share some advice and behavior instruction / suggestion for parents and friends. I want to share my own story. I have a daughter two and half years old. She is very shy in her first year of life. Sweet voice but lazy girl I can say. Her mother wants her to be a dancer because she herself a good dancer. In my opinion I set my daughter free for what she wants. Sometime I thought why she is so much shy. Watching cartoon network all the time, never play outside, never fighting with friends or I can say nothing common what we saw normally in kids. I try to play with her, she react with an innocent smile; I thought she don’t like to a normal kid. I never consult with Doctor. I thought time will teach her.


One day I saw she watching her favorite cartoon program, she react what she saw in the television. I thought she can become an artist or actress some day. But that’s all my thought as a father for her. But one day she saw something different in her life. Like other parents, me and my wife arguing on something. It ends with a fight and I shouted on her for nothing. I thought my loud voice shut her up. Finally she calm down and stop fighting with me. My daughter watching us fights with each other. After few hours my daughter came to me and said I will never talk to you dad, I said why? She said you are not good daddy; my cartoon character will beat you for fighting with my mother. I stunned with surprise, I will never expect what my daughter learn from me. This incident changes my whole world. I feel embarrassed, I feel sorry to my wife and daughter.  My wife says “it’s a request never react when your kids watching you”.  These lines are enough for a father like me.


After this incident, I discuss with my friend who is a behavior consultant. He told me very useful things about what to do or what not to do as parents.  Here is some advice for you all;


What to do in front of kids as parents:


  1. Always talk decent with smile to each other.
  2. Spare some time for your kids.
  3. Time to time providing them social education and respect to others.
  4. Motivate your kids for nature.
  5. Set them free when they playing with others.
  6. Provide them better playing environment in house.
  7. Ask them about their activities on daily basis.
  8. Try to give them natural / healthy food.
  9. Maintain their health records.
  10. Always listen to them, what they want to say.


What not to do in front of kids as parents:


  1. Never fights in front of your kids.
  2. Never promise for false gift in front of your kids.
  3. Never hide your actual financial position in front of your kids.
  4. Do not smoke or drink in front of your kids.
  5. Never helps or supports them in their wrong step.
  6. Never let your kids sleeping till late.
  7. Never scared your kids, if will scared them for life time.
  8. Never support their lie for gift / toy or favorite foods.
  9. Stay away from junk food.
  10. Never stops them if they think they will do some extra ordinary things.

These all are my own experience and thoughts; I know most of us know these advice before I share my story to them. But I know these are useful information for new parents. I know, I am my daughter’s real hero like her cartoon character. It’s up to you all, what you want to see from your kids.

 This Blog is written by Mr. Nitin Kaushik who is my Friend. Special thanks to him. Good luck.

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