Thought of the day

Thought of the day

Thought of the day 

Mahabharata Says :-

Whatever is here, is found elsewhere. But what is not here, is nowhere else.


Poets have told it before, poets are telling it now, other poets shall tell this history on earth in the future.


Mortification is not dregs, Vedic study is not dregs, and the nature-given rules of the Veda are not dregs, the vigorous acquisition of wealth is not dregs – but that is what they become when they are beaten by the beings.


All this is rooted in Time, to be or not to be, to be happy or not to be happy.


“To save a family, abandon a man; to save the village, abandon a family; to save the country, abandon a village; to save the soul, abandon the earth.”
— Vidura quoting Kavya (The Book of the Assembly Hall)


When the Gods deal defeat to a person, they first take his mind away, so that he sees things wrongly. ………….. Time does not raise a stick and clobber a man’s head; the power of Time is just this upended view of things.
— Dhrtarastra (The Book of the Assembly Hall)


Discontent is the root of fortune.
— Duryodhana (The Book of the Assembly Hall)


Revenge is not always better, but neither is forgiveness; learn to know them both, son, so that there is no problem.
— Prahlada (quoted by Draupadi) (The Book of the Forest)


A grey head does not make an elder. …. Not by years, not by grey hairs, not by riches or many relations did the seers make the Law: He is great to us who has learning.
— Astavak