Famous Thought : What you think you become

Famous Thought : What you think you become

This thought “what you think you become” was Delivered by Lord Buddha

Many people underestimate the power of our mind. Each and everything which you can create or achieve for yourself 1st begins with the process of visioning it in our mind. Whether you’re trying to attain a successful career or whether you’re trying to pass your exam with flying colors, only once you’re able to visualize it in your mind, you would be able to achieve it.

Countless studies have been done on the power of manifestation and it has been found that our mind can actually help us in achieving the things which we visualize. More than that, the thoughts which come to your mind would be deciding the kind of life which you would be leading.

If you’re continuously thinking negative, you would only be able to view more and more obstacles and negative things in your life. When you’re able to sway that out with positive thoughts, you would be able to see the positive things in life.


# The power of Visualization –

Whenever you’re thinking something in your mind, your subconscious starts to visualize the same thing.

It has been found that the power of visualizing would actually motivate you to achieve the things which you are thinking about.

If you are able to visualize your goals, you would be getting the motivation to achieve them.

On the other hand, if you’re visualizing the fact that you have already achieved your goals, it would become even easier for you to work towards achieving your goals.

Due to this very reason, the power of visualizing would actually help you in achieving what you think about.

If you consult any life coach, they would also be guiding you through the process of visualizing in order to help you achieve your goals.

This is because it has been proven time and again that the power of visualizing would actually help you in achieving the goals which you’re thinking about.

#The power of your subconscious mind-

Whenever you’re thinking something, the subconscious mind would be capturing it.

If you’re thinking about that particular goal of the game, again and again, the subconscious mind also puts a greater amount of attention to that.

Even when you’re sleeping, the subconscious mind is continuously pondering over the thoughts.

That is why, when you’re continuously thinking positive and are continuously thinking about your goals, the subconscious mind would be trying to come up with ideas which can help you in achieving those goals.

Many people do not realize this but even when you’re not remembering a certain thing, it is always well registered in the subconscious mind and the intensity of that goal or thought would depend on how frequently, you are thinking about it.

That is why, when you’re frequently thinking about a certain goal or other thing, your subconscious mind would always be repeating it.

This can be easily used to your advantage by frequently thinking about your goals and what you want to achieve.

Once you’re able to continuously think about this, you can brainstorm on achieving those goals and with the help of proper ideas which you get from your mind, you would be on your path to achieving that goal.

That is why the phrase What you think you become is entirely true.

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