A greedy Dog bad thought

A greedy Dog bad thought

A greedy Dog bad thought

Once there was a dog. He was very greedy. He always pay for his greed. He was also worried with his habit.
So he decided that i will never be greedy again. But as destiny and his behavior he always paid for this.

One day he was very hungry. He was searching for food. He saw a piece of bone near a meat shop. He picked up
and started to run. He wanted alone place where he can eat without anybody’s disturbance. There was a river,
and a bridge over there. He went there and started to cross the bridge. A greedy Dog bad thought

while he was crossing the bridge in middle of the way he looked down into the water. He saw his shadow into the water. He thought there is another one dog. Now he made a plan. If i get that piece of bone then i will have two bones.

The Greedy dog wanted to grab that piece of bone also. So he opened his mouth to bark at him.
As he barked “bhow bhow”. Unfortunately the piece of bone fell down into the water.
The Dog felt very sad for losing his food. He was unhappy again.

Moral of the Story – Don’t be greedy.
Grasp all, lose all.
one who wants everything, may lose it all


Let’s think deeply about this story friends. This story is not of only dog but also human being. Who is collecting material things all the day and night. Money is important but money is not everything. Just think for a while. Let’s suppose it is last day of your life. Money won’t help you. You can’t buy a single day,a month or a year and even a single minute, . So don’t be greedy in life. Which you have satisfy in this. A person who has satisfaction never cry. Why do you cry for what you don’t have. You are always happy if you have satisfaction.