Lord Rama Praise/Extol

Lord Rama Praise/Extol

In Ramcharitmanas(uttar kand) Narada Muni Praise of Lord Rama. Which is tranaslate of Maam Avlokya pankaj Lochan. The form of the Lord should then be meditated upon with the help of the following lines:

Look at me, O Lord with lotus-like eyes! You rid the devotee of sorrow by Your gracious look. 
You are swarthy of hue like the blue lotus, O Hari, and a bee as it were drinking in the nectarean love of the lotus-like heart of Lord Siva (an avowed enemy of the god of love).

You crush the might of the demon hosts, delight the sages and saints and wipe out sins. You are a mass of fresh clouds for the crop in the form of the Brahmans (the gods on this earth), the refuge of the forlorn and a befriender of the humble.

You relieve the burden of the earth by the enormous strength of Your arm and are an adept in killing the demons Khara, Dushan and Viradha. An enemy of the demon king Ravana and bliss personified, You are the noblest of kings. Glory to You, who are as moon to the lily-like race of Dasharatha.

Your bright glory is known to the Puran, Vedas and Tantras, and is sung by gods, sages and the assemblages of saints. Full of compassion, You crush false pride and are perfect in everyway, O ornament of Ayodhyå!

Your Name wipes out the impurities of this sinful age and curbs the feeling of meum. Protect this humble devotee, O Lord of Tulsidas!)

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