Lord Krishna Marriages and Wives names

Lord Krishna Marriages and Wives names

Lord Krishna is Hindu God, avatar of Lord Vishnu. He was the king of Dwarka. Total wives of Shri Krishna were 16108. Krishna had eight principal wives.


1. Rukmini (Avatar of Maa Laxmi)
2. Satyabhama (She is avatar of the earth)
3 Jambavati (Daugher of Jambavan)
4. Kalindi (Also called river yamuna)
5. Mitravinda (Choose Krishna as husband in svayamvara. Krishna defeated her brothers in battle to take her away as they disapproved )
6. Nagnajiti (Krishna won her svayamvara by defeating seven bulls )
7. Bhadra (Married by brothers to Krishna)
8. Lakshmana ( Abducted from her swayamvara. Krishna defeat rival suitors in the pursuit)


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and Apart of these 8 krishna married to 16100 women. That is a miracle story. There was a asur named Narkasura. He was son of the Earth. So he is also called Bhaumasura. Narkasura kidnapped 16100 women and wated to marry all the womens at a time.



So Krishna killed Narkasura and rescued 16,100 women from his cage. Krishna asked them to return their houses but they refused. They said,” our families will not accept us now. So we don’t want to go anywhere”.



They all wanted Krishna to marry them. Krishna agreed for that. Krishna married them same time. He made his 16100 bodies and marry with all the women together. Beacause he is lord and able to do anything.


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