The Importance of Mother in our life

The Importance of Mother in our life


Mother the person next to god on earth, God may be the one who has blessed us all with this beautiful gift called as life but if there is someone who gives a meaning to this word it’s no one else than “mother”. The most special creation of god, someone takes care of all our needs and understands even that thing which is left unsaid and unspoken. She is the one who keeps the child in her womb for nine months and accepts all the pain and suffering during the time of birth with a smile on her face.

“Mama” is the first word that a child speaks when he opens his mouth. Maa, Mom, ammi, Mum,  all the words which convey the same feeling and emotion. There is much religion followed all over this world but one thing which is common amongst all is the true, unbiased love for mom. We all are so lucky to grow up in the arms of mothers. We all have grown up being blessed by the love and blessings of our mother. There can’t be anyone unlike mothers present in this mortal world who can sacrifice each and everything for us like our mothers do. I bet that if someone asks you “who is the most important woman in your life?” the only answer that most of the people would answer would be it is their mother the living angel in this world. And if someone asks me this same question even my answer too would be the same.

Mother the person who always showers her love and blessings on us throughout her life, there can’t be a replay of all the sacrifices that mothers make for us. So in order to celebrate this love and affection of mothers towards her children, we take this one day in a year and name it as “Happy Mother’s day” the irony of the fact is that even an entire lifetime is short to repay mothers for all her love towards us. Every year to this honor love of mother and motherhood this beautiful day is celebrated. This day marks the day to remember and respect mothers all across the world for fulfilling her responsibilities in the family and society.

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This beautiful day is celebrated in many countries all across the globe with very much love and affection. Mothers always have been a major factor responsible for shaping the future of a child. They play many roles in the life of a child from giving birth to making them a well human being she takes away all the responsibility by herself. She is the one who teaches a child his/her first word, helps him in taking his first step, she is the one who holds our finger when we seek our first support. Altogether a mother plays a very integral part to shape a child’s character and future but most importantly she helps him in being a better human being by teaching him every small-small truth about life so that he becomes an asset to the society.She takes care of almost every need of a child, whatever a kid wants, right from waking up in the morning to his sleep in the night.

mothers are very much like a security blanket to us because she saves us from all problems that we face she takes care of everything that we need. The importance of mothers in our life is known to all, she is the most important ingredient in the recipe for a sweet life, She teaches us many different things, she always showers us with her advice and learning which always comes handy for us in life ahead.

If we ever want to be successful in our life the one thing that we must make sure is that never ever ignore the advice that your mother gives you. She is the only one who nurtures and takes care of their kids and family. A mother is more of a best friend for a kid in the early stages of his life teaching him everything, answering all his questions without fail. Mothers are the first person on the planet who deserves every happiness that we can give her the most.She is the on who does everything for us. She occupies a very important place in our heart which can’t be replaced and filled by anyone else. She is the one who adds color to our life, without her our lives would be just black and white.

If you ever sit down to describe the beauty of mothers it can be summed up like this. The person with bright and lovely eyes. Her eyes shine so brightly with the richness of her mind and soul.Thine eyes also glow with warmth and tender light of the love and affection that she has for her kids. Her soft black curls fall softly on her beautiful face whenever you hug her. Her hands are so soft and gentle to provide you with the comfort that you can’t seek anywhere in this world. This is the same hand which was the first one to hold you when you were brought into this world. She has a smile which can be declared as the most pleasant sight in this world. A smile that can hide the pain of heart and soul, a smile that can lighten up your life through the ups and downs of life, a smile that spreads the feeling of joy and happiness in the life of all of us. She has the face of an angel which shines so pure and flawlessly. She has the loveliest face that you can ever see.

An ancient proverb says that  “A mother understands what a child does not say.” The words are just true judging from the fact that the bond between a mother and her child is so special it can’t be summed up in words.  Thier relationship is very strong, so strong that a mother can even understand the story behind the silence of her child. There is no scientific reason behind it but the fact that god has blessed mothers with a very special gift which is called “intuition” and it is a very strong sense to judge that what is right for her child and what’s not.

There cannot be an any better teacher for us then mothers, they are the most powerful and influential teachers in the life of a child. She plays a very important part in our everyday living. A mother’s heart is one of the most valuable things that exists it weighs so much more than gold, a mother’s heart is majorly responsible for her tenderness, toughness, compassion and much more. Believe me when I say this that a mother’s arm is one of the safest places in the whole universe when those arms are wrapped around us there can’t be a much better feeling than that.

The line that says “behind every successful man, there is a women” that women indeed is none other than”mother”. They are the one who has often shaped this world by her immense contribution, she has been the one majorly responsible for changing many lives and making history.For every successful person living on this planet, there has always been a mother behind him who has always fostered her children to do the impossible and conquer all the odds. Her contribution in our life is so much that even a lifetime is so less to repay her for that. I love my mom, I loved her so much. Happy “Mothers Day” mom. I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

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