10 Tips to Live Stress free Life in your office

10 Tips to Live Stress free life in your office

Working in the office for late hours makes your body very lazy and stressed.  We all know that we have to put our all out effort for our organization’s goal. We have lots of responsibilities on our shoulders like family and pay lots of due bills etc. In these situation we lose our focus and not able to concentrate in our office work as well as in the family. We all have to stay calm and stress free in our life. In my blog I am going to share some tips on how to stay stress free life in the office.


Close your eyes for 20 seconds after 20 minute work :

You are in working in the office continuously , then close your eyes for 10-20 seconds. It will help you to concentrate your work.


Take a deep Breath:

Take five minutes break in every one hour of working; if possible, please go outside and take a  deep breath in open air. That will definitely take your stress away.


Stretch your Body:

After a long meeting, stand up from your chair and stretch your hand and legs a bit; that will  help your muscles to regain their strength and you will focus on your work again.


Wash your Face:

In the middle of the work try to wash your face for at least 2-3 times in a day, that will definitely makes you feel refresh again.


Window of Hope:

As we all know that sometime we lose our concentrate on working that because we do same work on daily basis.  Why not have a look on outside nature from our office window, nature teach us many things in his own way, sometime this will give you hope to work again and again.


Music for Inner Peace:

Music makes us happy as well as gives refreshment to our mood. Some time it is better to listen your favorite music. Inner peace will cure your stress.


Family time Fun time:

After a hard day at office, kindly spare your remaining time for your family and friends only. Playing with your kids or hanging around with your friends will definitely light up your life. Stay away from internet for at least 3-4 hours.


Smile :

Always try to be happy. Find the reason for your happiness. If you have smily face, Your colleagues feel happy. Because they will feel happy to see your face.


Join Yoga :

Yoga is best way to live stress free life. Only 20 minutes yoga enough for whole the day. You Can work easily after yoga. You will feel happy after join yoga classes.


Communication :

Your communication with your colleagues takes an important part in your life. Your Behaviour should be polite. Never rude with your collegues. If you do not have better communication with your collegues, you can’t live stress free.


These above tips are my observations and experience; kindly appreciate my work if your good self agreed with my tips. Please do like and share my blogs and comment below: