What to say to God or Lord?

What to say to God or Lord?

But in the real these are the words to say your Lord – I am yours and You are mine. Say to god – Hey God! I am yours and you are mine.

In Frist do not say you are mine . Becuase this shows your arrogant. You have to surrender completely yourself to god .

we says to our love you are mine.

we says to our mom you are mine.

we says to dad you are mine.

we says to whole world you are mine.

Think for a while Is really all are mine?
No, Because one day you will lose all of them or they will lose you.

A hindu Lord Krishna Devotee Meera Bai says- Only you are mine , no one else.
Mere to Girdhar gopal , Dusro na Koi –– Which means Lord krishna is mine, none of others. That is true love. That is thing which we have to say to our God.

We always ask to god for money, for wellness, for job, for gf, for bf, for something something. But if you complete surrender to the Lord, then lord is yours.

Thank you…