5 Interesting Healthy Tips on Diet for Your Children in the Exam Time

5 Interesting Healthy Tips on Diet for Your Children in the Exam Time


Diet play very vital role for your children in the exam time. For sharp mind and confidence, your child needs proper healthy diet. I want to share some of very interesting tips that will take cares your children’s health as well confidence.  


  1. Turmeric:

Turmeric contains high quantity of Car-cumin; it will develop our children’s brain cells which end up their stress very fast in the exam time. We should give our children medium level of warm milk mix with turmeric.


  1. Banana:

Banana contains lots of Magnesium; it will active our children’s brain and build their confidence. You can use banana as fruit salad or make banana shake for your children. This is very simple but healthy tip for your children in the exam time.



  1. Green Tea & Pomegranate:


Green Tea contains very high quantity of polyphenols; it will give power to our children’s brain. Same thing in Pomegranate, it contains lots of antioxidants, which make our children’s mind very sharp.



  1. Walnut:

Walnut contains high quantity of Vitamin-E and antioxidants; it will build up our children’s memory. You can give walnut to your children directly to eat or use as a toping in any kind of salad. It wills muscle up your children’s body with high nutrition.



  1. Apple:


Last but not the least its Apple; as we all know “Apple in a day, keep the Doctor away” J Being a tasty fruit it will also contains lots of healthy parts like Vitamin-C, Phlenoedus, Iron & Boren etc. you can take apple in fruit salad or in liquid form called Apple Juice. Phlenoedus make our lungs very powerful. According to a research” Lung disease are very rare to find if a person take apple juice on daily basis”. Apple builds our immune systems very strong to fight against bacteria. Apple contains enough quantity of Vitamin-C which gives iron and Boren to our body. Boren makes our bones strong and powerful. Last but important part of Apple, it will control our cholesterol level in a good way. Apple is very sweet and awesome gift from nature. Give your children on daily basis. It will definitely make them stronger and sharper in the exam time. Keep your children healthy and confident all the time.    


These above tips are my observations and experience; kindly appreciate my work if your good self agreed with my tips. Please do like and share my blogs and comment below: